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-In this world the desert is my power my home my life  

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This Is A Story Of The Desert Pixie who's beauty would Grace The land Far and Wide she frolics Through the tidal waves of sand leaving steps of life where ever she may layno one has ever come close to see nor touch her for she fears man and their corruptive ways all she sees is chaos and destruction and because of that she keeps her distance her home is the desert where many would find it hard to survive a day there alone could surly pave the way to death but for her its paradise and nothing else matters if you see her just know that your lucky for the rest of your life her aura oozes nothing but good fortune a single grain of sand can bless you with the strength of millions 


She was Born from the ground itself raised in its warmth and Comfort like a mothers arms our mother earth Gave her breath she never drinks water if she does she becomes mortal and solid and loses her abilities of lifeshe has a very stubborn personality but very sweet and

 innocently naïve

Her favorite color is orange it holds in the warm tones that she desperately desires 

She absorbs her power from the rays of the sun when she sleeps its cold as ice at night bringing chills to the bones of any creature in the lands of sand this is her element this is her life