This is the story of the fire pixie who's beauty Burns through the air like a heatful kiss her rebel attitude. And desire for fun leaves her burning all over the world whatever she touches is engulfed in flames ever since she was a baby she would start forest fires by crying she has the power to stop it but most the time she won't

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people sometimes confuse her powerwith destruction but forget that it also brings life with the face of a goddess and eyes that burn like the rays of the sun she will usually obtain whatever she wants . Others would think someone with such massive power would try to rule the world but all she wants is to have a good time until the sunsets

she feels pain more than anyone cause she always feels the fire burning she can fly through the clouds using her fire like jet turbines looking like a missile as she covers thousands of miles she has a strong dislike for man because even though her flames cause Destruction man embraces it and uses it to cause more chaos which is why she always looks at you with disgust ...more information coming